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My wife has been a dental patient of Dr. Walton's for many years and she has constantly recommended his services. Just over two years ago, I decided to take my dental needs to Dr. Walton as my wife recommended. Recently, Dr. Walton performed a cosmetic dentistry procedure on me and the experience went exceptionally well. He was very professional in making sure that the new veneers matched my current teeth and looked flawless. All of the advice which he provided proved correct and cost saving. During my regularly scheduled appointments at Dr. Walton's office, his staff has been absolutely the most knowledgeable, professional, and helpful group of folks I have ever met. I really enjoy the personal attention that I receive and I would highly recommend their services.
Wendell D.
Dallas, TX USA

I have been a patient of Dr. Waltons since 2004. Dr. Walton has seen me through the removal of my wisdom teeth, a root canal and crown. He took the time to explain the proceedures to me in a manner that I could understand and helped me feel at ease with my treatment. Dr. Walton and his staff are always courteous and professional. Due to the excellent dental care I have received over the years, I have referred my friends and family and will continue to do so.
Dallas, TX USA

I want to thank Dr.Walton and his staff for helping me yesterday. I called because i had a very bad tooth ache. They set me up with an appointment and Dr.walton worked on my tooth and fixed my pain. I could not believe it. Im so pleased I set up another appointment for next week to get more work done on my teeth.Thank you again.
Dallas, TX USA

I really hate going to the dentist; however, my dentist appointments at Dr. Walton's office have always been a very positive experience for me. Dr. Walton and staff have seen me through the hurting abscessed teeth, root canals, crowns, cavities, cleanings, exams, x-rays, whitening. His entire staff treats you like part of the family giving excellent, friendly service and I have never had to wait in 11 years as a patient. One of the things I so appreciate about Dr. Walton is that he is very professional , gentle, and he stays current with all the latest dental procedures keeping his patients' best interest at heart and doesn't try to sell you on something you do not need………. And that's why I keep coming back! – I am very pleased and my teeth are healthy and happy and it shows in my smile!!! I am so glad my friend referred me to Dr. Walton!
Dallas, TX USA

I have referred several friends and family to Dr. Walton and will continue to do so. When I first went to see Dr. Walton I had multiple dental issues that required immediate care; after only a few short visits both he, and his staff, had me back to feeling great and my teeth looking great. The entire process was handled with the utmost professionalism and care from A to Z. From now on I will not go to any Dentist other than Dr. Walton, he and his entire staff are true professionals.
Dallas, TX USA

I now have three dental implants and my smile has never looked better, thanks to Dr. Walton. I had three baby teeth that were rotting away. I had some apprehensions about replacing them, but Dr. Walton convinced me that the implant procedure was relatively painless, practical, and cosmetically pleasing. He was true to his word. In three visits over the course of a month the bad teeth were replaced with implants. There was little discomfort (I only took one pain pill after each visit) and I was able to eat dinner that evening and work the following day. The short turn-around amazed me since two of the implants required a sinus lift. I'd recommend Dr. Walton to anyone. He's a pro. 
Dallas, TX USA

I would gladly recommend Dr. Walton to friends or family. I needed three teeth replaced but was apprehensive about implants. He assured me that the pain would be minimal and the risk of infection small. Dr. Walton knew what he was talking about. Things went so well that after each surgery I was able to go to work later the same day. There was little discomfort. I'm very happy with my implants, the way they look and work. Dr. Walton is a real professional who knows what he's doing.
Dallas, TX USA

Thank you Dr. Walton and staff, for making my first trip to the dentist in 15+ years a pleasant and relaxing experience. I was very nervous at first, but you made me feel totally at ease, and now I'm actually looking forward to following through with your recommendations.
Shelley Cates <webmaster isat thetruthnetwork dot com>
Dallas, TX USA

I had been putting off going to the dentist for years because I was scared it would hurt, but Dr. Walton put me right at ease. I never even felt the shot... I experienced NO PAIN, and would highly recommend him for all your Dallas dentistry needs.

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